Fashion Industry

File sharing and brand asset management, tailor-made for you.

Whether it’s a promo for the latest show, or a design for next season, making sure everyone has access to important images and files is easy with Filecamp.

Increasingly fashion is a digital art form. With the introduction of 3-D printing, the future is now. For a firm in the fashion industry to move ahead, secure file sharing that keeps everyone neatly stitched together is a must.

Maintaining a uniform brand presence across a range of media is of the utmost importance to firms in the fashion industry. You’ve got to have a uniform look-and-feel across your web presence, press kit, and advertising campaigns. Our fashion industry clients depend on Filecamp’s simple, yet powerful interface to distribute important files and brand assets such as logos, graphics, and press releases to internal and external team members.

Your Filecamp includes an easy Public folder download feature which allows you to share entire folder structures without login. This way you can share news about your latest line with the press or general public, while keeping all your projects safe and secure.

Filecamp sets the standard for professional and affordable file sharing. For consulting firms in the fashion industry, you can use our custom branding features to provide a custom look-and-feel to your clients. You can even offer marketing asset management as a value-add service with Filecamp!

PC or Mac, we’ve got your back! Filecamp is a cloud based Digital Asset Management portal, making it easy to work globally 24/7. Everyone has access to the same assets and media files, online, anytime from anywhere in the world. Best of all with a cloud based platform, there’s no software to install for you, or the people you work with.

With a host of features designed for creative businesses, and serving blue chip firms in over 60 countries around the world, Filecamp is a perfect fit for designers and firms in the fashion industry. Whether you are an up-and-coming brand or an established label, Filecamp gives you the features you need at a price you can afford.

Our Fashion industry customers especially benefits from:

  • Custom branding. Share files while reinforcing your brand.
  • Multiple themes. Create custom branded experiences for different clients. 
  • Easy to Use. Your clients and your team will love Filecamp´s simple, yet powerful interface.
  • Email notifications. Receive notifications when new files are uploaded to your Filecamp.
  • Extensive Logging. Keep track of everything that happens in your Filecamp.
  • Bonus. Filecamp was built from the ground up with features for creative businesses.
Fergal Keegan
"Highly recommended!"
We were on the lookout for a professional file sharing solution, and Filecamp provided the perfect platform. Easy to use for both administrators and customers, it has many functions, and most importantly, it is extremely reliable. I have yet to experience any downtime. Customer support is fast, friendly, and efficient. Highly recommended!

Fergal Keegan, PILGRIM Denmark

“Filecamp makes it easy and fast for our stores to download images for their webshops”
Look and feel matches our visual identity in the professional form we want. Filecamp makes it easy and fast for our stores to download images for their webshops. A big time saver for them … and us. Thank you Filecamp!

Michael Lauritzen,

Works "out of the box”, easy to set up, modify and maintain.
We have 7000 assets that are changed regularly. Filecamp allows us to have a live cloud-based platform that our 2000 customers can easily access “live” information. It has recently been improved and provides much better value than more expensive clunky systems. Very happy customer!

James Robinson, HORWOOD

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