Filecamp auto tagging

The future is now

Auto Tags utilizes artificial intelligence to scan your image and return a set of recommended words to use as tags for the image. Use this feature to expedite tagging in Filecamp and help standardize the tags and keywords used across your organization.


Find your files - faster

Allow everyone to find what they need in no time. Files that are not tagged, can be difficult or impossible to find. With auto tags, your files will be assets and your clients and partners will find what they need faster.


Embedded metadata

The XMP metadata format was created by Adobe® to standardize how metadata is stored and transferred. 

With XMP the metadata you enter is embedded into the files, and thereby create smart assets that retain their context when traveling across software, devices, and databases.

Filecamp is a registered Adobe XMP partner.

See Filecamp's auto-tagging feature in action.

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